I started another blog, because that, clearly, is what the world needs.

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GLIFFIN, v.n.  To open the eyes at intervals, in awaking from a disturbed sleep or slumber.

– John Jamieson, An Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language, 1808

A Gliffin is simply a (found) image plus a (found) piece of text, put together in such a way as to unsettle the imagination. Making a Gliffin is easy; making a good Gliffin is hard. Gliffins can serve as many things, including aphorisms, jokes, puzzles, dream triggers, writing prompts, and research starters. The Gliffin’s ultimate purpose, of course, is to invite us to worlds not yet known.

Material is everywhere, but Wikipedia and Google Books are very useful and one could chase Gliffins through them for a very long time. The image and text can come from any sources whatsoever; they can come from the same source, if you like. But it is said that the most wonderful Gliffins lurk in the remotest and farthest-flung places.

Here is one example:

(Image: Max Ernst, from Une semaine de bonté, 1934; text: James de Mille, An Open Question, 1873)

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