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So, you think you know your art? Think you know your Filippos from your Filippinos? Your Klimts from your Klees? Your Leydens and your Weydens and your Dycks, Eycks, and Wycks? Or did you learn everything you know from the Ninja Turtles? Either way, get ready to push your skills to the limit as you take an 800-year tour of the Western visual arts!

How to Play

The Art History Game consists of six levels of increasing difficulty. On level 1, you will be tested on a small selection of the most familiar works of all time. Level 2 expands this selection to include a larger number of works identified by scholars as especially masterful or influential. On Level 3 you will be tested against the entire database: over 10,000 works, major and minor, by nearly 200 of the greatest artists from the Renaissance through the twentieth century. Stylistic clues will be harder to come by on the higher levels, which break down this list by time period: level 4 features only works from the 20th century, level 5 features those from the 18th and 19th, and level 6 features earlier works.

Each level in turn consists of four rounds, which have five questions apiece. In round 1 you will be shown a work and asked to identify the artist from among five choices. In round 2 you will be given the scrambled name of an artist (e.g. "ATEBRNDMR" for "Rembrandt"), presented with four different artworks, and asked to match the artist with his work. Round 3 is just like round 1, except that only a small portion of the work will be visible. Finally, in round 4 you will be asked to put four unidentified works in chronological order.

Your initial time will be 60 seconds, and your remaining time will be shown at all times at the top of each page. On completing a round you will be awarded a bonus of 60 extra seconds. Be careful not to work too fast, though -- miss a question, and you'll be kicked back to the beginning of the round!

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NOTE: The Art History Game is still being tested. If you run into an error or have suggestions for improvement, please email me.